Student Ambassadors

It’s On Us Student Ambassador Program

 Student Ambassadors Tabling at the Gables Campus

The student ambassador program is a comprehensive sexual misconduct education, prevention, and intervention peer-led initiative aimed at:

  • Fostering a safer environment where everyone can thrive regardless of their sex, gender identity, or gender expression.
  • Educating students about the sexual misconduct policies, reporting options, and procedures.
  • Increasing awareness and commitment to intervene to prevent and stop high-risk situations.


2018-2019 Student Ambassadors

  • Laura Blockman
  • Molly Anne Booth-Balk
  • Ashley R. Brooks
  • John Anthony Camoratto
  • Patrick Timothy Corcoran
  • Rachel Elizabeth Dimarco
  • Gabrielle Maly Dykema
  • Sirisha Gaddipati
  • Nicole A. Gany
  • Victoria George
  • Christopher Hann
  • Ethan Michael Hoffman
  • Veronica M. Johnson
  • Maria Mariana Kanellos
  • Kayla Naina Laraia
  • Renu Sara Nargund
  • Inngide E. Osirus
  • Azin Pooresmaeil
  • Stephanie L. Ruffolo
  • Kristi Schleicher
  • Aya Shata
  • Morgan Ann Smith
  • Fatma Soliman
  • Carly R. Starkey
  • Ryan Arthur Steinberg
  • Violet Jane Sullivan
  • Maxwell Carl Wray
  • Maria J. Sevilla, Assistant Director of Judicial Affairs & Title IX Investigator
  • Whitney O’Regan, Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Sandler Jr. Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Education